If you have any questions (s) about us or our book ‘Know Your Curls Inside Out,’ you have come to the right place. Below we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions. You might find your answer here. If not, contact our support team.

Know Your Curls Inside Out is for everyone with curly hair. It’s a valuable source of quality information for people of all ages (including men, women, and kids) and all types of curls!

Curly hair maintenance isn’t easy. It is crucial to understand the type and texture of your locks to understand the best ways to care for them and maintain their luster and shine. Therefore, we recommend you read our book ‘Know Your Curls Inside Out’ from start to finish at least once. 

It is a good and comprehensive read with detailed information about different curl types, curly hair maintenance, and nutrition. Once you read it from front to back, you’ll develop a solid understanding of:

  • The category of curls you fall in
  • What things could you be doing unknowingly which may be damaging your curls
  • Factors that positively and negatively impact your curls such as weather, moisture, curl care routine, oils, protein, and hair styling tools.

After finishing the book, you’ll truly find it very resourceful. You can keep reading it as needed, like a guide, and use it for reference purposes.  

The journal is a great compliment to the book. We recommend you use the Know Your Curls Inside Out – Journal as a guide to keep track of your curly hair care and ensure you are on the right track with your curly hair goals. Starting a new journal every three months will help you to have great hair for the year. 

You can easily purchase Know Your Curls Inside Out and Know Your Curls Inside Out – Journal from any of the links on this page.

A healthy diet can give your curls the best nutrition they need to grow. What better source to ensure a well-balanced and nutrition-rich diet than a plant-based diet? A diet rich in vegetables, nuts, fruits, and seeds is an excellent way to provide all the nutrients and minerals your curls require for growing strong, healthy, and shiny. Moreover, it ensures less breakage and more volume. However, we always recommend consulting a doctor first because of any dietary changes. 

Indeed, to flaunt your curls, you need to have the right styling products. Though the styling products may be the same, the ingredients and formulation of those products make a difference. For example, hair serums are excellent for enhancing and defining hair, but thick textured serums are unsuitable for curly hair. It is because thick serums weigh down the curls. Therefore, consider opting for a lightweight serum with natural and organic ingredients that lock in moisture for soft and smooth curls.

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PLABCurlove is a combination of PLAB – an abbreviation for plant-based and Curlove – a combination of curl and love, from our love for curls! 

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