Know Your Curls

Types of Curls

At PLABCurlove, we believe your curls define you and make you unique. Therefore, you must know your curls inside out to be confident in your skin. Curls can be divided into the following broad categories:


It lies somewhere between curly and straight hair. It imparts sheen but less than perfectly straight hair. It can be classified into three sub-categories: beachy or tousled waves, more defined waves that start a few inches down from their roots and have a slight volume, and waves that start at the tip of the root and have a well-defined S shape with more body and volume.

Curly Hair

Curly hair predominantly clumps together and winds into spiral-like ringlets. They can be classified into the following: cork-size loops, springy ringlet with more volume, and tight corkscrew-like curls with immense volume

Kinky or Coily Hair

This type ranges from S-shaped tightly coiled hair to Z-shaped kinky hair. The tight curls make them look shorter. Sub-categories of curly hair are: tightly S-shaped coiled corkscrews, tightly coiled with bends that resemble the pen’s spring, and Z-shaped denser and tighter curls

Managing Your Curls

Whether you have coily or wavy curls, your locks are beautiful, and you’ll truly love them if you learn to manage them correctly. Managing curls is crucial because curls are naturally dry, fragile, and susceptible to weather change.

Based on research and findings, some of the best ways to manage your locks are to:

  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Keep hair hydrated
  • Opt for protective hairstyles
  • Get a trim to avoid split-ends

Styling Your Hair

Indeed, your hairstyle can transform your entire look for the day, but when you style them, make sure:

  • To avoid over-styling, using excessive heat and chemical treatments and heavy styling products
  • Always use leave-in conditioners or moisturizing curl creams
  • Weather-check to choose the right styling products and practices

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