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Who We Are

We are a team of passionate curly-coily people who are not just happy that nature gifted us with curls but are also in love with them. Our curl journey began when we started to love our locks. A newly-developed curiosity for knowing more about curls and how to maintain their luster and texture ignited our passion for learning, experimenting, and discovering. As our team delved deeper into learning more about curls, we were fascinated by the incredible diversity and true beauty of natural curls.

Over the years, our team has gained immense knowledge about curly hair care and nutrition. We are ready to share what we have learned with all of you. Your curls make you beautiful and unique. Embrace and flaunt them.

Read our books on the secrets of growing gorgeous and healthy curly hair. We provide curly hair care tips and plant-based recipes. These recipes ensure hair grows strong and healthy and curls stay smoother, more well-defined, and shiny. 

Our Mission

It is our mission to educate and provide plant-based recipes, natural hair care tips, and product recommendations for all curl types to look their absolute best.

The world is becoming plant-based. According to our research, there is a 230% increase yearly in plant-based nutrition. A diet rich in nuts, fruits, vegetables, and seeds can help you grow shinier, stronger, and more lustrous hair. 

We love what we do at PLABCurlove because we know how good it feels to have amazing curls!

What Puts Us Above the Rest?

We created the PLABCurlove with love for all types of curls and plant-based nutrition. 

Our focus is on caring for curly hair by providing guidance on maintaining curls and nutrition abundant in vitamins and minerals from a plant-based diet.

PLABCurlove is a unique company focusing on curly hair care and plant-based nutrition. We have strong values that include promoting:

  • Self-love
  • Confidence
  • Acceptance

At PLABCurlove, we are passionate about helping others achieve their hair goals effortlessly while maintaining healthy lifestyles. 

Read our book Know Your Curls Inside Out: A Complete Guide to Curly Hair For All. The book and Journal are now available on Amazon! 

Blog Posts

Read our blogs to get all the information you need to manage and maintain lustrous and healthy curls!

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