Get Ready to Fall in Love With Your Natural Curls!

Don’t let the frizz and breakage dull your beauty and shine.

Discover the best-kept secrets to managing, maintaining, and flaunting curly hair through the detailed guide “Know Your Curls-Inside Out.”

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“Know Your Curls- Inside Out” is a book by PLABCurlove. It is the result of our commitment to helping curly hair individuals embrace their locks instead of defying them. We aspire to empower people with curls to break free from the widespread belief that only straight hair is beautiful and curly hair is high maintenance.

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Know Your Curls –A Sneak Peak!

What to Expect?

 “Know Your Curls –Inside Out” is not just a good read but a

VALUABLE RESOURCE for appreciating your GENES and beautiful CURLS.

After years of intensive research, we have compiled comprehensive and proven content to help a curl-coily man, woman, or kid embrace their natural look. Here’s a sneak peek into the sections of this book, further divided into multiple chapters that will provide you with crucial information and insights into managing and maintaining your curls:

Section 1 –Inside the Curly Hair-Know Your Curl Type

Section 2 –Taking Care of Your Curls

Section 3 – Curls and The Girls – How to Flaunt Your Curls

Section 4 – Curly Guys – How to Manage and Style Your Curls

Section 4 –The Younger Curls – Taking Care of Your Kid’s Curls

Section 5 – You Are What You Eat – Nutrition for Your Curls

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“Know Your Curls-Inside Out” is an insightful book about curl troubles and necessities. It is proving to be a game-changer in curly hair care and nutrition. This book has already sold over 50,000 copies and garnered love and appreciation from readers globally.

The readers love the book for multiple reasons:

  • It’s a detailed resource about curly hair care
  • Provides quality information about different curly hair -– wavy, curly, coily – curly hair in men, women, and kids.
  • Discusses common curly hair problems and ways people could be damaging their curls
  • Provides ways to enhance curls
  • Discusses the best tools for curls, haircuts, and styling techniques
  • Explores best hair care products
  • Explains different superfoods for curls, and easy and power-packed recipes for healthy curls

So, what are you waiting for?

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Plant-Based Nutrition for Curly Hair

Keep your curly locks healthy and beautiful by eating healthy. Start with a delicious and equally nutritious plant-based diet.


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Heart Shaped Vegetables

Get the Nutritional Goodness

Add raw and leafy vegetables to your daily diet and juicy fruits to get all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals essential for healthy hair growth. Explore our recipes to mix things up and bring innovation, color, and excitement to your platter with nutritional goodness to ensure your curly hair gets the nutrition it needs to look beautiful.

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