Wake up Routine for Refreshed Curls

Wouldn’t it be great if we only had to remove the hair wrap, and shake our curls, to get ready in the morning? Unfortunately, most of us have to do some extra work to get our hair ready in the morning.

A morning routine for curly hair is critical as it helps you manage your curls well during the day ahead. Whether you need to leave home early for school or work or stay home all day, here’s a morning routine for refreshed curls to start your day.

Remove Your Bonnet or Scarf

As soon as you wake up, gently remove the scarf or silk bonnet you tied around your hair last night.

Gently Remove Knots

Once you remove the scarf or bonnet, section your hair using spray water and detangle your curls delicately by running your fingers through the hair strand. With slightly damp hair, you can also try using a wide-toothed comb to remove the knots that may have formed overnight.

Hydrate Your Curls

A critical aspect of the morning routine for refreshed curls is hydration. Make sure you provide enough hydration to your curls. You can do so by applying a leave-in conditioner or cream. You can also do so by using water-based styling products, as water-based styling products often work well to redefine curls in the morning.

Choose Your Preferred Style

Now your curly hair is ready for any style of your choice. Avoid tight ponytails or buns as you style your curls, as they aren’t good for a great hair day.

Here you go. You are now ready to rock the world with your curly tresses.

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