Protein or Moisture – What Does My Curly Hair Need?

Moisture care for hair

If you are new to curl care, you must wonder whether your curly hair needs protein or moisture. Healthy and balanced curly hair need both protein and moisture to stay strong. After all, our hair is made up of more than 90% protein which is helpful in strengthening and repairing your hair. On the other hand, moisture helps keep your hair hydrated and improves its elasticity.

Let’s take a closer look at whether your curly hair needs protein or more of moisture by understanding what your hair has to say.

When Does Your Hair Needs Protein?

  • Do you have more than the usual amount of hair loss?
  • Do you have weak or brittle hair?

If yes, then your hair might need more protein. Chemical treatments such as relaxing, bleaching, heat damage, and environmental exposure can damage the hair protein. As a result, you lose the protective layers of the hair that hold moisture resulting in brittle and weak hair.

Things to Consider If Your Hair Needs Protein

If your hair needs more protein, you can consider the following;

  • Add protein treatment to your routine,
  • Use hair care products that use plant-derived proteins, and
  • Switch between deep conditioning treatments and protein treatments for best results.

When Does Your Hair Need Moisture?

  • Do you have dull, frizzy hair?
  • Do you have numerous split ends?

If yes, then your hair needs more moisture.

Things to Consider If Your Hair Needs Moisture

For hair that needs more moisture,

  • Use sulfate-free shampoos,
  • Condition regularly,
  • Use hair oils often to keep the moisture intact.

Your curly hair needs both protein and moisture to stay healthy and balanced. Watch out for signs of what your hair needs and provide the most appropriate solution for happy and healthy curls.

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