How to Take Care of Your Color-Treated Curls?

Girl with curly red hair

Curly hair is naturally vibrant and beautiful. But when individuals with textured hair want to switch up their style, adding color is often a great way to change your style and appearance significantly. While chemical treatments such as bleaching and dyes aren’t the best for already dry and damage-prone hair types, if you take the right measures, you can keep your color-treated curls healthy.

Taking Care of Your Color-Treated Curls

Following coloring, your curls need a little more love and care so they stay nourished and healthy. Some of the tips that can help you take care of your color-treated curls include

Stick to a Pre-Poo Routine

Make sure you add a pre-poo hair care regime where you add moisture to your hair and scalp before you wash your hair—oiling or conditioning your hair before washing can be a game changer, especially for color-treated curls.

Wash Using the Right Products

It’s no secret that curly hair is fragile and prone to breakage. Hence, you need to use a sulfate-free shampoo that gently cleanses your hair without damaging your delicate curls.

Dry With Care

Instead of using heat styling tools such as a hair dryer to dry out your curls, let your color-treated curls air dry. Moreover, you should also switch to a microfiber towel as it is gentler for your curls.

Don’t Forget About Deep Conditioning

Don’t forget that deep conditioning is an absolute essential following color treatment. Make sure you deeply condition your curls twice as often as you used to do before coloring.

Style Loosely

Curly hair is fragile and prone to breakage; adding color can make your curls even more delicate. Hence, when styling your curls, go for loose styles instead of complicated ones that allow you to gently rake away the tangles without putting a lot of stress on your curls.

Assess Your Curl’s Health Before Recoloring

Coloring your curls is beautiful, but it’s never worth it if you compromise on your hair’s health. Hence, if you are planning to get your curls colored one more time, don’t forget to examine your hair for signs of damage. Discuss your options with your hairstylist so you can enhance your hair’s health before your next color treatment.

Healthy color-treated curls are within your reach. With these tips and tricks, you can enjoy beautiful and healthy colored hair.

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