Expert-Approved Tips on Maintaining Curly Hair

Taking care of curly hair is not often the easiest task. It requires a lot of trial and error in figuring out what works best for you to get defined curls. Since curly hair needs special attention, we have gathered a list of expert-approved tips that can help you get more defined, beautiful, and healthy curls.

#1. Detangle Your Curls Before Washing

Most individuals with curly hair know that they need to clean their hair at least once a week. But not many people are aware that you should detangle your curls before washing. As your curly hair gets in touch with water, they tend to lock up, causing your hair to get tangled. You can avoid the inconvenience by using a detangling spray that will create more slipping and allow you to wash your hair seamlessly.

#2. Steam Your Hair

Moisture is the key to defined and healthy-looking curls. A tip that experts often recommend is steaming your hair with a conditioner. When you steam your hair, it opens up the hair cuticle so the moisture can access the deeper layers of the hair strand, and you end up with thoroughly nourished, healthy hair.

#3. Apply Styling Products to Wet Hair

When using a styling product to curly hair, make sure you apply it when your hair is soaking wet. The application of styling products on wet hair helps reduce frizz and maintain the curls.

#4. Don’t Forget to Protect Your Curls at Night

Hair experts also recommend taking care of your curls while you sleep. It ensures that whatever you do to take care of your curls doesn’t go in vain. You can tie your curly hair using the pineapple method. You can also use a silk scarf to cover your hair as it helps reduce the friction of your roots with the pillow.

Also, change your pillowcases and switch to a silk or satin pillowcase for extra hair protection.

Try these four expert-approved tips and look forward to more defined and healthy curls.

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