Curl Care Tips – A Post-Summer Guide to Curly Hair

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Curly hair, as amazing as it looks, isn’t always as easy to maintain. And with changing temperature and humidity levels, it gets even more challenging to manage curly hair. As the weather changes from hot and humid summer to dry and cool fall, here are a few curly hair care tips you need to know.

Post-Summer Curly Hair Care Tips

The heat and humidity of the summers may have left your curly hair dry and dehydrated, so as the weather changes to fall, it makes an excellent time to compensate for the lost moisture, as the upcoming fall and winter will only make your curly hair drier. Remember, curly hair is more porous, which means that it can lose moisture when the weather is dry. Moreover, they are naturally drier because the sebum produced at the scalp doesn’t get to the entire length of the hair. This means your curly hair needs a little more protection as the weather begins to dry.

Here are some post-summer curly hair care tips for you.

  • Some of the post-summer hair care tips for your curly hair include
  • Using a sulfate-free shampoo once a week,
  • Applying intensely hydrating conditioners,
  • Use natural oils and hair butter to nourish your curly hair from the inside,
  • Apply hydrating styling gel for smoothing your hair and adding a protective barrier against moisture loss,
  • Choose hair care products that contain plant protein and have a more acidic pH as more alkaline hair care products can cause more damage to your hair,
  • Use heat protection agents specially designed for curls, as you may use gentle heat for styling your hair this season.

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