6 Tips for Kids With Curly Hair

A curly-haired child with her parents

Managing a child’s curly hair can be challenging, especially for parents who don’t have curly hair. The result is often tearful bath times, frustrating mornings, and terrible detangling experiences.

But we don’t want you or your child to experience all of this, so here we share 6 Tips for Kids With Curly Hair.

#1. Don’t Wash Often

Washing your kid’s curly hair too often can wash off all the natural oil that the scalp produces, leaving dry strands of hair that are delicate and prone to breakage.

Hence, you need to reduce the shampooing frequency to once a week.

#2. Detangle with Ease

Detangling your child’s curly hair is often a time of distress for both the child and the parent. Ease the detangling process by working through damp hair. Moreover, always work your way up starting from the ends and moving all the way up to the roots.

#3. Avoid These

Avoid a few things, as they can help you manage your kid’s curly hair. Some of the things to avoid include

  • Hair care products which include sulfates, silicones, and parabens,
  • Heavy oils and butters,
  • Fine combs and brushes, and
  • Cotton towels.

#4. Add These

While you should avoid a few types of products, there are certain things that you should add to your child’s hair care routine.

Some of these things include

  • A satin pillowcase,
  • Lots of conditioning and use of leave-in conditioners, and
  • A regular scalp massage using light plant-based oils.

#5. Tie It Up

One of the favors you can do to your child’s curly hair is to tie it up. Tying your kid’s curly hair during the day and especially at night can help prevent tangles and knots.

#6. Don’t Panic

On days when dealing with your kid’s curly hair is stressful, don’t panic, for how you deal with your child’s hair can have a significant impact on how they view their hair. Managing curly hair is naturally difficult, so don’t panic and take it easy so that growing up, your kids can also learn to do the same.

Hope you enjoyed these 6 Tips for Kids With Curly Hair. For more tips read our book! Know Your Curls Inside Out: A Complete Guide to Curly Hair for All

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