5 Steps to Reduce Dryness in Your Wavy and Curly Hair

Reduce dryness in wavy and curly hair

Curly and wavy hair lacks moisture and appears dry and dull. This hair type requires extra effort to have them look great. If you’re struggling with keeping your hair looking healthy and attractive, our quick guide might be just what you need.

Here are some steps that can help reduce dryness in your wavy and curly hair and make them look gorgeous!

1. Use the Right Shampoo

If you’ve got wavy or curly hair, not all shampoos will suit you. It would be best to find shampoo for curly and wavy hair. These shampoos have got extra moisture. Shampooing your hair with the right shampoo will help lock moisture in your curls.

2. Deep Condition Your Hair

Deep conditioning after shampoo is the next step to reducing dryness in your wavy and curly hair. As we said earlier, maintaining curly hair requires you to go the extra mile. Applying a deep conditioner will take the moisture game to the next level and keep your hair hydrated and moisturized for longer.

3. Apply a Leave-In Conditioner

Another way to reduce dryness in curly hair is to apply a leave-in conditioner after deep conditioning. This will ensure that your curly hair stays moisturized throughout the day. Your hair may dry out after a few hours, even after deep conditioning, and you can keep them looking great for longer only with the help of a leave-in conditioner.

4. Use Microfiber Towel to Dry Your Hair

Wet hair is fragile and breaks easily. After you’re done washing and conditioning your hair, you should dry your hair using a microfiber towel. A microfiber towel is gentle on hair and cuticles and keeps the frizz away, keeping your curly hair manageable and nice.

5. Apply a Light Coat of Hair Oil

Applying a light coat of hair oil will seal the moisture and keep your curls looking shiny, healthy, and super attractive!

Following these steps will closely take you closer to well-managed, lustrous curly hair that’ll have you love your hair!  For more great tips check out our best selling bundle!

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