5 Curly Hair FAQs

Curly hair FAQs

Consider yourself lucky if you’ve got curly hair. Your hair will never appear flat and lifeless, and there will always be some volume and bounce there. However, as gorgeous as curly hair looks, managing and looking after it isn’t the easiest.

We’ve answered some frequently asked questions that girls with curly hair are often seen asking to help you understand and look after your hair better.

1. Is Curly Hair Hard to Manage and Maintain?

Yes. It is harder to manage and maintain curly hair. Curly hair usually lacks moisture, which is why most people with curly hair complain about dry hair. The thing with dry hair is that it breaks easily.

2. What is the Most Difficult Thing About Curly Hair?

If you want us to name one thing that women with curly hair struggle with is brushing and styling. Brushing them and styling them up is not any easier than climbing a mountain. It takes very long to brush and detangle curly hair, and when it comes to styling, you can expect several hours to go into it.

3. How to Maintain Curly Hair?

Maintaining curly hair takes up a lot of effort. The first thing that you must do is change your diet and ensure you’re eating all things right. Find a product that works best for your hair, and then stick to it. You should also use a hair mask and a deep conditioner to keep your curls looking moisturized and attractive. And most importantly, get your hair trimmed regularly.

4. Which Comb is Best for Curly Hair?

It would be best if you used a detangling comb for curly hair. A regular just won’t do!

5. Should You Wash Curly Hair Every Day?

No. Curly hair tends to get dry and rough easily. You should wash your hair every alternate day.

Your curls may be hard to maintain but if you succeed at keeping them looking great, no hair is more gorgeous than healthy, curly hair.  For more great tips check out our best selling bundle!

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