4 Steps to Get Wet Hair Look Style

Do you aspire to have a wet hair look on your curls?

You are just a few steps away from it.

This quick guide shares 4 easy steps to achieve a wet look for your hair, so let’s get to business.

How to Get Wet Hair Look Style?

Step 1 – Use a hair conditioner before heading out of the shower.

Step 2 – Dry your hair using a microfiber towel or let your hair air dry but make sure your hair remains in a damp state and shouldn’t be dripping.

Step 3 – Cover your fingers with a layer of hair mousse or hair gel. Now work through your hair such that you coat your hair completely with hair mousse or gel. Make sure you do not apply the product to the roots but start applying from the mid-shaft and go all the way to the tips. While you can use a high-quality comb for this step, it is always a good idea to use your fingers for the best results.

Step 4 – Use a hair spray bottle and dampen different sections of your scalp, including your top center, front, crown, nape, and side. Your hair spray bottle should be at least a foot away from your hair.

When you follow the steps and use appropriate products, achieving the desired wet look for hair is easy. And while many of you might not know about it, a wet hair look is not just a styling option but also helps keep your curls moisturized.

So why not try the wet hair look style?

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