4 Reasons to Use a Microfiber Towel to Dry Your Curly Hair

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Do you have textured hair? Then, you should know that maintaining your curls goes beyond what you use in the shower. Because how you dry your hair matters!

Using a microfiber towel is an effective way to dry curly hair. Find out all the reasons to use a microfiber towel to dry your curls.

#1. Soaks Up Water Quickly

A microfiber towel is made up of extra-fine fibers that do a great job of absorbing the water in your hair. Since curly hair can take a long time to dry naturally, using a microfiber towel can help reduce drying time without needing heat to dry up your hair.

#2. Helps Reduce Frizz

One of the reasons using a microfiber towel helps curly hair is that it helps reduce frizz. While humidity is often the primary cause of frizz, overly drying your hair can also cause it, especially when you towel dry your hair after a shower.

With a microfiber towel, you don’t need to rub your hair as it quickly absorbs water leaving your curls looking their best.

#3. Minimizes Hair Damage and Breakage

Regular terry towels can often damage your natural curls, as the hair strands can get stuck in the towel loops. Since hair tends to be weak when wet, using a regular towel can lead to breakage and damage. You can prevent this damage and breakage by choosing a microfiber towel as it gently soaks up water from your curls.

#4. Is Easier on Your Neck

The benefits of microfiber towels extend beyond your hair as they are lightweight and hence easier on your neck.

If you want to take your curly hair care to the next level, switch from regular towels to microfiber towels and see the difference!

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