3 Habits That Are Damaging Your Curls

Textured hair is highly prone to damage when exposed to the environment. But we also have a few habits that are often not-so-great for our curls. These are the habits that can damage your curls. Give this quick guide a read to ensure you don’t have any habits that can damage your curls.

#1. You Use a Regular Towel to Dry Your Curly Hair

Do you rub your curly hair with a regular towel?

If yes, then you are damaging your textured tresses as a regular towel can be too hard on your curls and may damage it. So if you are using a regular towel, it’s time to ditch this habit and switch to a microfiber towel that can help you dry out your curls without damaging them.

#2. You Don’t Use Conditioners Often

It’s often tempting to skip using a conditioner, especially on weekdays when so much more is waiting already. But here’s what you should know. Your curls are naturally dry, and they need all the goodness of a conditioner as it provides them with the necessary nourishment.

Therefore, always use a conditioner following hair wash and even on days when you don t shampoo your hair. Moreover, ensure that you detangle your curls while conditioning so the moisture can seep well into your hair.

#3. You Are Overusing Heat

Heat is a widely used tool to style your curls but did you know that it can damage your hair?

Heat deprives your hair of moisture, making them dry, brittle, and frizzy. Over time, with regular use of heat, your hair can get damaged enough that it may break easily. Hence, you should try your best to avoid the use of heat on your curls or keep it minimal.

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